My family's farm was established here in Turner in 1797. Farming is a labor of love. I want to share my passion and the privilege I feel to be back at it.

 It is my mission to provide you with the highest quality apples, baked goods, canned products and fruit tree services you can find anywhere. You can bet on that.  

Gramma Hazel is watching...

and my mom still doing it all at 93!


My goal is to get you and your family involved! Participate in fun family activities throughout the year with informational and educational events highlighting the process of growing YOUR apples.



I grow delicious Macintosh and Cortland apples on just over 100 trees. Reserve your very own "family apple tree", learn what it takes to manage it, then harvest your apples in the fall. 


I've baked and canned with my mom and grandmother since I could reach the counter top. They've passed on the recipes and skills, you get to enjoy the results.


My brother and I tapped maple trees and tended the boiling pan for hours as teenagers. Enjoy savory maple syrup on waffles, pancakes , ice cream...

There's nothing more elegant and rugged than a new wooden apple box. You may not know what a "peck "is, but the peck baskets are really useful and awfully cute!



I've certainly been "up a tree" (usually apple and often without a ladder) most of my life! Since I could reach the pedals, I've ridden, driven and repaired every type of farm implement you can imagine.

You've not lived unless you've been up an apple tree pruning at 10 degrees (wind chill factor -15) in mid-January. 

  But, I get so much joy and satisfaction each fall harvesting the fruits of that labor. You will too.

I know a thing or two about growing apples. Got some old (or new) apple trees on your property? Can't get them to grow apples. I can help with consulting, pruning, tree care services year round.

Orchard Events

Apple Blossom  Brunch
Apple Desserts
Tasting and Recipes
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Spring, Summer and Fall ...

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fun family activities at Hazel Hill Orchards each season!

(Each benefits a local organization)