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My family's farm was established here in Turner in 1797. Farming is a labor of love. I want to share my passion and the privilege I feel to be back at it.

Michelle and I have a  mission to provide you with the highest quality apples, baked goods, canned products and fruit preserves

you can find anywhere.

You can bet on that.  

Gram Hazel and my mom are watching and smiling...

and their advice and tutelage

inform me every day!


My goal is to get you and your family involved! Participate in fun family activities throughout the year with informational and educational events highlighting the process of growing apples for your home.



We grow scrumptious Macintosh, Cortland, Honey Crisp and Golden Delicious apples on nearly a

150 trees. Sign your family up as Hazel Hill Harvesters

this summer, then come out

and join the fun in the fall. 


I've baked and canned with my mom and grandmother since I could reach the counter top. They've passed on the recipes and skills, you get to enjoy the results.


My brother and I tapped maple trees and tended the boiling pan for hours as teenagers. Enjoy savory maple syrup on waffles, pancakes , ice cream...

There's nothing more elegant and rugged than a new wooden apple box. You may not know what a "peck "is, but the peck baskets are really useful and awfully cute!

The Future...

The year 2021 ushered in many changes for the farm. My mom Annette passed at nearly 96.

So much love for her and

from her lives on


Michelle and I reside on two

acres in Wayne with a garden,

a sap shed and a new orchard planted the spring of 2022

Ideas coalesce... orchard laid out, deer fence raised, trees ordered, 

maple grove discovered...

right next door! 

The future is now, a refurbished sap operation, 169 new

fruit trees on trellis, a cold storage and a farm store will

be ready this fall to welcome you and your family.

Orchard Events

Apple Blossom  Brunch
'Tag-A-Tree'  to harvest in the FALL
9-8 Cort Apples.jpg
You Pick Apples
Apple Desserts

Tasting and Recipes

Spring, Summer and Fall ...

Click on a picture to learn more about the

fun family activities at Hazel Hill Orchards each season!

(Each benefits a local organization)

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