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It's Plant-A-Tree 2.0!! Been thinking... People might not be able to get out Saturday. So I am going to extend Plant-A Tree Day to Plant-A-Tree Weekend!!! May 5th and May 6th.

I am going to be here planting trees anyway, right? Come out to Hazel Hill Orchard this weekend 10am and 2pm (Extended hours, too!). Plant two trees and you get to choose a tree to Harvest-Your-Own-Apples for free! (a $25 value)

***AND I have added another SPECTACULAR BONUS - plant your two trees and you reserve those trees and their crops of YOUR Honeycrisp apples for 5 years for FREE! It will take 2-4 years for your trees to produce ( ) So, you and your kids will watch them grow and mature, and with our TLC see them produce apples for you.

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  • Writer's pictureTony Leavitt

Hazel Hill Orchard is expanding it's production and varieties offered...and of can help!! Next Saturday come on out to the orchard and learn where it all begins..the planted tree. May 5th, from 10am - Noon'ish bring your family out for a fun, educational and productive couple of hours. I'll teach you the art of planting an apple tree, two in fact! You'll be helping me get my spring off to a great start AND you'll earn a "Harvest Your Own Apples" tree ($25 value) to pick in the fall. That's right you pick your own apples for FREE this year. Choose a tree while your here or come back for the "Apple Blossom Brunch" to choose one then. Do not miss this great opportunity.

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  • Writer's pictureTony Leavitt

You may not know... Most of the year you get your apples at the grocery store...boring. I want to give you and your family an engaging and fun alternative. Throughout this year we'll be having events out at Hazel Hill Orchard where your family can actually become involved in growing your OWN apples. Learn from planting to harvest how those delicious apples come to be and then in the fall..."Harvest you own apples"

Join this FORUM to keep up to date on "What's happening out at Hazel Hill Orchard?"

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