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One of the things I appreciate most about growing up and living in Maine is the changing of the seasons. There are so many wonderful, awe-inspiring transitions that mark each time of year. See your tree
progress and learn about the care it requires throughout the
year. Here at Hazel Hill Orchard we celebrate each season
with a benefit special event, and you are invited to join us.

Family Fun

Apple Blossom Brunch


Spring is a time of regeneration and preparation for the

growing season ahead. Much happens in the orchard

before bright red apples grace the branches. If you have

not visited an apple orchard in the spring time, you

have not experienced the natural beauty, splendid

aroma and exquisite structure

of an apple blossom.


Bees are buzzing through the orchard doing nature's work. 

But you and your kids will be enjoying a delicious waffle 

brunch with 'very local' maple syrup. Here's a chance for

the kids to learn how your apples will "spring" to life

during this critical stage of development. Help us

celebrate a new year's awakening.

It's also a great time to Tag-Your-Family-Tree.


Garden vegetables are growing and ripening in the radiant sunlight. Spinach graces salads weekly, beet greens steam

in the pot, and cucumbers will soon be pickles. The days

are longer and warm peaceful evenings invite sitting

out through the late afternoon

(with no black flies!). 


But, work in the orchard never stops. Water sprouts (suckers) make the apple trees lush with new growth. We'll get out

there, do a little "summer pruning" and learn why this is critically important to prep the trees for the final push

to the fall harvest.

If you did not reserve your "family tree" during your blossom time visit then now's the time. Don't let the best ones get

away. Materials will be available to design a family sign

marking your tree for the season.

Of course food is the real reason you will not want to miss

this event. Burgers and dogs ready for you and

the kids are sizzling on the grill. 

 "Apple Dessert Tasting


 My absolute favorite time of year! As a kid I worked every day after school loading trailers with bushel boxes for the next day's crews, and weekends 'helping' a line of aproned ladies (Gram Hazel was one) in the orchard leveling beautiful

golden delicious apples. Memories of riding with my grandfather Ray Leavitt, in the old Chevy truck hauling in apples from the field and making deliveries to local grocers. 

I could go on and on, but the apples are ripe and you and

the kids have harvesting to do! Make an afternoon of it.

Also. now's the time to show off YOUR favorite apple

dessert. Make and bring an apple dessert to share

and sample others. Provide your recipe and get a

booklet of all those you sample.


There'll be apples available if did not reserve a tree earlier in the season. Some trees may be open to pick and pay by

the pound, or there will be apples pre-picked for you

to take home and enjoy.

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