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Plant-A-Tree Day has been extended!

It's Plant-A-Tree 2.0!! Been thinking... People might not be able to get out Saturday. So I am going to extend Plant-A Tree Day to Plant-A-Tree Weekend!!! May 5th and May 6th.

I am going to be here planting trees anyway, right? Come out to Hazel Hill Orchard this weekend 10am and 2pm (Extended hours, too!). Plant two trees and you get to choose a tree to Harvest-Your-Own-Apples for free! (a $25 value)

***AND I have added another SPECTACULAR BONUS - plant your two trees and you reserve those trees and their crops of YOUR Honeycrisp apples for 5 years for FREE! It will take 2-4 years for your trees to produce ( ) So, you and your kids will watch them grow and mature, and with our TLC see them produce apples for you.

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